Our CommitmentWho we are

In 1967 Pensión El Cantón opened. It occupied 2 floors of the current building and its guests were, basically, workers from the Port of Barcelona and people who came to the city from other parts of Spain to find a job and settle in Barcelona. Over time, a lot of effort, work and determination, in 2004 the pension became a one-star hotel. Hotel Cantón, today it occupies 5 floors, is managed by the second generation of the family and have guests from all over the world.

Our Commitment

We want the best for our guests, that is why the Hotel Cantón team strives every day to offer a good service, while minimizing our impact on the environment.

For this reason, in Hotel Cantón:

  • We separate 99% of the waste generated by the hotel for recycling.
  • We have waste separation containers available for our guests use.
  • Most of the windows contribute to high energy efficiency
  • All rooms have electricity cut when the guest is not there.
  • We use easily recyclable materials for furniture and decoration.
  • We use taps that avoid wasting hot water.
  • We use certified ecological cleaning products.
  • For breakfast we only use local products packaged in large format. We avoid individual servings to minimize waste.
  • The heating and air conditioning are centralized and are at a comfort temperature. We do not waste energy.
  • The lighting of the entire hotel is with low consumption lamps and lights.
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